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April 7, 2023


Welcome to Urban Space Entertainment, where we create unforgettable experiences. Our team specializes in top-notch entertainment services for weddings, corporate events, parties, and more. Trust us to bring your event to life with amazing DJs, lighting, sound, and more. At Urban Space Entertainment, we don't just create events, we create memories that last a lifetime. (Servicing Austin, Bell County, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio areas.) Download Ultimate Event Guide Below.

Urban Space Entertainment All inclusive Packages

We specialize in music entertainment for a variety of events and parties. One reason I’m able to perform for a wide range of event types is that I’ve mastered an array of material in a wide spectrum of musical styles. Whether you want me to provide my own suggested package, or you have your own requests, I’m flexible and accommodating for virtually every music type and event.

  • 4 Hour Classic Wedding Reception

  • Professional & Fun DJ/MC

  • Professional Sound Equipment

  • Wedding Reception Dance floor lighting

(Starting at $895)

  • 6 Hour DJ/MC for Ceremony, Cocktail Hour & Reception

  • Set Up for 3 Locations

  • Professional & Fun DJ/MC

  • Dance Floor Lighting(Gig Bar 2 or upgrade to Gig Bar Move for ($400)

  • Elegant Uplighting(10) LED RGBWUV.

  • Included Extra Speaker for Ceremony/Cocktail Hour

  • Included Lapel Microphone for Ceremony

  • Wireless handheld Microphone options available

  • Microphone Stand options available

  • Photo Booth w/ Digital Prints (Unlimited Prints for $750)

(Starting at $3,000)

  • 5 Hour DJ/MC/Ceremony & Reception 

  •  Lapel mic included

  • Cocktail Hour Included

  • Setup for 2 Locations

  • Professional Sound Equipment 

  • Wedding Dance Floor Lighting

(Starting at $1,500)

All Inclusive Services

Step into a world of elegance and opulence with our range of wedding packages tailored to suit every couple’s vision. Whether you prefer an intimate gathering with your nearest and dearest, a celebration of pure elegance with luxurious details, or a grand affair exuding sophistication and grandeur, our packages offer exquisite decor, gourmet catering, impeccable service, and expert coordination to ensure a seamless and memorable wedding experience. Indulge in the cozy charm of an intimate setting, immerse yourself in timeless class with pure elegance, or elevate your celebration to a grand affair fit for royalty - whichever package you choose, your special day will be a reflection of your unique love story and cherished forever.


Set the perfect mood for your special day 

•    Photo Booth:

Capture memories with style  

•    Catering:

Intimate gathering (up to 50 guests) 

•    Security:

Ensuring a safe and smooth event 

•    Staff:

Professional support for a seamless experience 

•    Bartender:

Craft cocktails and beverages tailored to your taste 

•    Staff Supervisor:

Ensure everything runs smoothly

 (Starting at $10,000)

•    DJ:

Setting the perfect ambiance for your event 

•    Photo Booth:

Capture fun and candid moments 

•    360 Photo Booth:

Add a unique touch 

•    Catering:

Delicious cuisine for up to 150 guests

•    Security:

Ensuring a secure and worry-free celebration 


Professional support for a flawless event 


Crafting tailored beverages for your guests

•    Staff Supervisor:

Overseeing every detail for an additional

    (Starting at $15,000)

•    DJ:

Creating a magical ambiance with music fit for royalty

•    Photo Booth/ 360 Photo Booth:

Glamorous setup for capturing unforgettable moments

•    Catering:

Lavish feast for over 150 esteemed guests 

•    Security:

Providing top-notch protection for your     esteemed guests 

•    Staff:

Professional team dedicated to delivering a seamless experience

•    Bartender:

Crafting premium cocktails and beverages for a refined affair 

•    Staff Supervisor:

Overseeing the event with precision and excellence

•    Capturing Memories in Style:

Photographer and Videographer adding Artistry to Your Sophisticated Splendor Package

 (Starting at $20,000)

Oct  21, 2023

Additional Services

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17350 State Hwy 249, Ste 220 #16044
Houston, Texas 77064 Us 

(Locations in Austin, DFW and San Antonio)

+1 (833) 873-2658

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